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Welcome to HUBRIS
hubris HUBRIS is a Horde guild planned to not only be the #1 guild at our future WoW Classic realm, but also ground breaking in terms of shaping the Classic WoW history. Hubris is founded by a mature core of players with extensive experience within all facets of WoW, including PvE, PvP, theory-crafting, and community building - in both retail and the private server scene. We won't settle for just server domination. Our goal is to push all aspects of Classic WoW beyond the limit, and we seek like-minded players to partake in this monumental experience.


The core of the guild is mostly made up of Norwegians and Swedes who came to play together on private servers such as Nostalrius, Elysium and Light's Hope. The guild itself has been in development since early 2017. We are a light-hearted bunch who have our fun min-maxing the game and testing the limits of WoW's mechanics and gameplay. We are ready for one final round of vanilla (yeah right...) where we will go all-out! On the guild management section you can find out more about the leaders and officers.

Most HUBRIS members played retail vanilla way back; now many of us are now pushing past 30. With age comes responsibilities in the shape of families and careers. So as much as we want to spend our days in our underwear, farming dungeons, raids and crushing the alliance, we can't. That’s why it's important for us to find players in a similar state of life and mind. Individuals who still want to min-max, without wasting any of our precious little time. We want to build a guild where we can enjoy some good banter on discord, while simultaneously being a force to be reckoned with in-game.


  • Members being part of world 4th retail Kel'thuzad kill (in guild Forte)
  • Members being part of Aphorism, top 10 EU high-end guild in TBC & WOTLK
  • Killing Hakkar in mere seconds with 52k+ ignite stack
  • Many DPS world records in RealmPlayers (private server logs) including:
    Hakkar 5100 DPS, Gahz’ranka 3500 DPS, and Golemagg 3400 DPS
  • Speed-running:
    MC (<30mins), BWL (<60mins), AQ40 (<60mins) and NAXX (<90mins)
  • Many ex-Rank 14 PvPers, both from Retail and Private Servers
  • 6 months of World Boss monopoly at one of the largest private server and its successor.
  • Ragnaros defeat within 13 days of a new PS release (which is a goal we aim to improve. This time within the first reset of retail vanilla)
We put a high emphasis on improving boss tactics, theorycrafting and finding the optimal raid setup. The guild bank will provide each raid member with one flask for each raid if they supply all the mats except the [Black Lotus].

To keep raiding from getting stale we usually try to spice it up with speedruns, speed kills, and going for top ranks on individual DPS logs. This is a great way to keep content exciting and fun while waiting for the next patch update.


One of the most exhilarating and rewarding events of vanilla is by far contesting World Bosses. Ginormous PvP battles, mixed with great boss fights and top-notch loot and gear. The GM of HUBRIS was one of the raid leaders and a founding member of the Horde World Boss Alliance (HWBA) at Nostalrius & Anathema. Where we at one point in time had a monopoly on all the World Bosses and their loot for close to 6 consecutive months.

There is a great competition killing the World Bosses, and it's hard to act alone as a guild. This is why we have made strategic alliances with other guilds for a higher chance of defeating our good friends Kazzak, Azuregos, Taerar, Ysondre, Lethon and Emeriss.


Most of our members aim to achieve R10 or higher, without being a part of the ranking PvP Squad. At the moment our Ranking PvP Squad counts 18+ people who will be going for R12 or higher, where 5 of them will be going all the way to R14.

In Phase 2 we will be organizing honor farming groups every day to ensure our PvP Squad's honor farm and control of the brackets.

In Phase 3 we plan on becoming the strongest horde premade on the server, and by doing that: gaining control of the servers brackets. We do believe this is highly achievable based on our previous PvP experience and skill, in combination with having the best gear from PvE content.


Everyone has their own definition of fun. Our definition is being a part of a tight-knitted community with social and good-humored individuals; who always strive to be the best but never forgets to have some fun while at it. We are looking for like-minded players who share these values.

We expect members of our Raiding Squad and PvP Squad to be competitive. In raids we expect you to always bring consumables, world buffs and a good mood. It’s not mandatory participating and ranking in PvP, but we highly encourage it, especially for melee classes in the Raiding Squad.


If we piqued your interest in some way and you consider to join us in Classic WoW, fill out the application form here on the website. You really don't need to be a hardcore player to be a vital part of the guild. You are just as welcome to join us as a social member; rake in the benefits of being in a great guild, without any of the pressure.

It's important to stress that even if we are full on a certain class/spec, all exceptional applications will be considered.

Don't hesitate to contact any of the guild officers on Discord for further information or in case you have any remaining questions.
  • Heia (Heia#2704)
  • Magnusyo (Magnus#8940)
  • Sulfurekt (Sulfurekt#5237)
  • Yonomori (Georgios#9134)
Sulfurekt / Jun 05, 2019
This info can also be found here: Planned Regular Events

Open events (open for all guild members, totally voluntary)
- Monday 19:00 - 23:00 (ST): Weekly Soci/alt raid - Progress follows content: MC, ONY, BWL, ZG, AQ20/40, NAXX
- Friday 21:00-23:00 (ST): Drunk-ZG (in Phase 4 onwards)
- Sunday 18:00 - 20:00 (ST): Weekly WorldPvP/Social events (when not raiding)
- World Boss raids (whenever it's up)

Hardcore Raiding (open for Raiding Squad)
- Wednesday 19:00 - 23:00 (ST): Main raiding day
- Thursday 19:00 - 23:00 (ST): Second raiding day (only when needed)
- Sunday 19:00 - 23:00 (ST): Third raiding day (only in very special occations)

Ranking (open for PvP Squad)
- Daily premades, hosted by Hubris - guild prio, but will be filled with other rankers when not full
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